Dear Fellow Patriot,

As we know, Democrats will never stop trying to sneak gun control through the Legislature... they want to do it in Pennsylvania’s budget!

Governor Josh Shapiro has proposed a radical plan to allocate $1,500,000 to the Pennsylvania State Police to increase social media monitoring efforts by the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center to “intervene” in online grievances.

You read that right, Governor Shapiro wants to use the State Police to spy on you and your family.

He also wants to send "auditors" into what he deems to be "problem firearm retailers" - meaning that he wants to send in State Police enforcers to intimidate and bully those who sell firearms.

The Democrats in Harrisburg will stop at nothing to force gun control down our throats!

That's why it's so imperative that you sign your "NO BUDGET GUN CONTROL DEALS" petition and make the most of your generous contribution of $100 right away.

If that's just too much to ask at this time, please know that your contribution of just $50 or even $30 will go a long way.

For Freedom,

Craig Storrs, Jr.
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Gun Rights


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