Dear Fellow Patriot,

With gun owners facing threats to the Second Amendment on multiple fronts, Pennsylvania Gun Rights must do everything it can to fight back and defend the Second Amendment in 2024!

That is why I need you to fill out your Second Amendment Survey, letting me know where you stand on gun rights in Pennsylvania.

For Freedom,

Craig Storrs, Jr.
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Gun Rights

Second Amendment Survey: MEMBERS ONLY

1. Pennsylvania must pass Constitutional Carry and codify the principle that if a law-abiding citizen can legally own a firearm, they can openly or concealed carry without begging for government permission

2. Pennsylvania Gun Rights must fight back against dangerous "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation legislation that allows government agents to seize legally owned firearms without any due process. Pennsylvania gun rights should remain vigilant in the fight to kill this draconian legislation in Pennsylvania.

3. With an overreaching Biden Administration calling for more regulation from the ATF and planning to unleash a plethora of draconian gun control measures on law-abiding gun owners, Pennsylvania must take swift action to protect its citizens from federal gun control.

4. Rep. Sanchez proposed a California-style "Assault Weapons" Ban that would outlaw hundreds of types of commonly-owned firearms and turn thousands of law-abiding gun owners into felons overnight. PAGR must do everything possible to prevent any and all “Assault Weapons” Bans from gaining traction in Harrisburg.

5. PAGR must fight for the Second Amendment on every front possible. DON'T GIVE AN INCH.


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